Reopen Plan

2021-22 Back to School Guidance

Leeds City Schools is providing the following guidance to all stakeholders of the school system:


  1. All students not enrolled in the Leeds Virtual Academy are expected to return to in­ person learning.
  2. Vaccinations are encouraged for all persons ages 5 and over. Symptomatic persons will be sent home.
  3. Masking Policy Effecitve September 29, 2021  
  4. A.When an individual school’s seven-day percentage of student positive cases reaches 1.00% or below OR when our overall level of community transmission is Moderate (Yellow) or Low (Blue), as determined by the Alabama Department of Public Health, then face coverings will become optional.

    B. We will use our weekly student positive case percentage that is released every Wednesday, and we will require a percentage below or above 1.00% for two consecutive weeks before we will change our requirements between face coverings mandated (over 1.00%) or face coverings optional (at or below 1.00%).  

    C. This plan is fluid and subject to change.
  5. Social distancing of a minimum of 3', where possible, will be beneficial in mitigating the spread of Covid. 
  6. Facial coverings will remain mandatory for passengers and drivers on school buses. The Alabama Department of Public Health has interpreted the federal order regarding facial covering requirements on all forms of public transportation to include public school buses. This requirement supersedes the facial covering policy of the schools.
  7. The school nurse will report all suspected or diagnosed cases of Covid to the local Health Department.
  8. Frequent handwashing and respiratory etiquette should be observed by all persons
  9. Anyone showing signs of Covid should remain home and see his/her healthcare provider as soon as possible for testing and care.
  10. There are no restrictions on attendance at extracurricular events presently.


LCS will continuously monitor Jefferson County and school system Covid numbers on a daily basis. These guidelines are subject to change.


Please recognize that Covid remains a threat outside of school hours; therefore vaccinations, face coverings, social distancing, and good hygiene are the best-known tools to defeat the virus.


Revised January 6, 2022