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Leeds City Schools will destroy selected records pertaining to special education and related services which were provided at Leeds Elementary School, Leeds Middle School, and Leeds High School for students who exited the Special Education or Gifted Program in 2014.

These records are no longer needed to provide educational services and have been retained for a period of five years after the termination of the special education program for which they were used. These records will be properly disposed in a manner which ensures personally identifiable information is kept confidential in accordance with the Leeds City Schools Special Education Plan.

The parent(s) or student(s) of age may choose to collect the information or have it destroyed by Leeds City schools. These records are available to parents or students of age with proper identification.

If parent(s) or student(s) do not respond by contacting Amy Terry, Director of Student Services at (205) 699-5437 within ten (10) days of this advertisement, the aforementioned records will be destroyed without further notice.

September 30, 2019

Amy Terry

Director of Student Services/Personnel

Special Education Services- Program Contact: Amy Terry,

Section 504- Program Contact: Dr. Burke Wren,

Title IX Coordinator and Investigator: Dr. Jason Baker

Job Coach Program- Program Contact: Amy Terry, /Job Coach: Jeff Thomas,

Gifted Education Program- Program Contact: Amy Terry, / Gifted Education Teacher: Reagan Tolbert

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Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Special Education Services
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Job Coach Program

The Job Coach Program is a collaborative effort between Leeds City Schools and the Alabama Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. A full time job coach at Leeds High School works with students to develop employability skills and successful employment. The job coach works with businesses to develop employment opportunities for eligible students in their exiting year from school. For more information, contact Amy Terry, Director of Student Services, at (205) 699-5437 or Jeff Thomas, Job Coach, at (205) 699-4510.

Gifted Education Program