• Applying for Employment with Leeds City Schools:

    • A comprehensive background clearance through Fieldprint Systems must be completed before a person can begin the employment process. 

    • Background clearance directions can be found here. 

    • If you are a certified teacher, your background clearance has already been completed through the certification process and there is no need to complete this step again. 

    • All vacancies (administrative, classified, custodial, secretarial, teaching) are posted on the Alabama State Department of Education's HireTrue website. 

    • A certified job requires a professional educator certificate from the Alabama State Department of Education.   

    • A classified job does not require certification.  A classified position includes secretaries, bus drivers, substitute teachers, substitute employees, instructional  support aides, paraprofessionals, office workers, and child nutrition workers.

    • An administrative position would be considered a principal or assistant principal.

    • All positions are posted on the Alabama State Department of Education's HireTrue website. 

    • The best way to apply for a job is to complete your application fully and upload your current resume on Hiretrue.

    • An applicant may apply for multiple positions on HireTrue.   

    • Please provide three current (dated within the last calendar year) references in HireTrue.  You may include your most recent employer or other people who are familiar with your qualifications.  Please do not include relatives as references.

    • Depending on your preference, register for job notifications when you complete your application in HireTrue.

    • If an administrator or supervisor requests to interview an applicant, they will contact the applicant directly. 

    • Applicants should ensure that their contact information is correct in Hiretrue and on their resume at all times.  


    Job Announcements

    District-wide Paraprofessional

    Substitute Bus Drivers

    Substitute CNP Workers

    Substitute Teachers