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Degrees and Certifications:

National Board Certification M.Ed. Education B.S Studio Art and History.

Mr. Christopher McClendon


 I am Mr. Christopher McClendon, visual arts teacher at Leeds Middle School. I instruct students in grades six through grades eight. I take a holistic approach to introducing students to art techniques and histories  in my classroom. I believe some are born with given talents while others can learn skills to be good visual artists. I believe all can learn and create. I believe with careful and directed guidance individuals can develop creativity as well as artistic abilities. The visual arts help to promote higher order thinking and grow the whole student to become better problem solvers, risk takers, and team task partners. Experiences in the arts also produce individuals with diversity awareness, self awareness , abilities to evaluate, make fair judgement and aesthetic critiques of any life encounter:  attributes desired in global job markets. 

I have 25 years of teaching experience working with diverse populations around the country combined with educational travel experiences abroad. I received a B.S. degree form The University of Montevallo in Studio Arts and History. I hold a M.Ed in Arts Education as well as a National Board Teaching Certification in Adolescence through Young Adulthood Arts Education and Visual Arts. I am a practicing artist also with acrylic and oil paint as my choice mediums. 

I look forward daily to working with students at LMS.