• Leeds Primary School
    Extended Day Program 

    Welcome to the Extended Day Program at Leeds Primary School! We wanted to give everyone some information about the program. The directors are Ms. Kim Van Valkenburgh and Mr. Jeff Kirbow. Ms. Kim is a Special Education teacher and Mr. Kirbow is the music teacher at LPS. Mr. Kirbow works in the mornings and we both share the afternoon days. The phone number for the Extended Day Program is 205-329-5303.

    Fees and Payments

    The registration fee to attend the program is $40. This must be paid prior to your child starting the program. The weekly fees are $25 for Before School only, $50 for After School only, and $75 for Before and After School combined. This is subject to change for the upcoming school year. The weekly fee must be paid in advance for your child to attend each week. The invoice for the fee will come out on Monday and will be due for the following week. For example, you will receive an invoice on Monday, August 8th. This invoice will pay for the week of August 15th. This will continue for the duration of the program. If the fee is not paid by Sunday evening, your child will not be able to attend for that week until the fee is paid. We are not able to make exceptions to this. The fee is due for the week whether your child attends that week or not. If you would like to withdraw your child from the program, please give one week notice. The After School Program closes at 6:00pm. If you pick your child up later than 6:00pm, there is a late pick-up fee of $1 per minute late. Fees will not be due for weeks that school is closed, such as Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break.

    Before School Program

    The Before School Program is housed in the cafeteria at LPS. The hours are 6:30am to 7:15am. If your child is enrolled in this program, you will drop them off at the back cafeteria door. To get to the cafeteria, please follow the road around to the back of the school. You must walk your child to the door and sign them in. There will be an ipad to sign them in. The first day that you drop them off, you will receive a PIN code. Your child must be dropped off between 6:30am and 7:00am. The buses will begin lining up for drop off at 7:00am, and you will not be able to come to the back at that point. If you arrive after 7:00am, you will need to join the car line and drop your child off there. Car line drop off begins at 7:15am. At 7:15am, the children will be dismissed for either breakfast or class.

    After School Program

    The After School Program will begin for Pre K students at 2:00pm, and for Kindergarten and First Grade students at 3:15pm. The program ends at 6:00pm. The Pre K students are kept separate from the older students until 5:00pm, when all students that have not been picked up will combine. All children must be signed out with the director on duty, who will be stationed in the gym. When picking up your child, please enter the gym from the side gym door, which is to the left of the front main doors of the school. There will be a doorbell that you will press to alert the director that you are there. On the first day, you will be given a PIN code that you will use to sign your child out with. Anyone who is picking your child up needs to be on the approved pick up list.  We are not able to release your child to anyone that is not on the pickup list.

    The Extended Day Program will not operate on emergency early release days or during temporary school closures. If a weather event occurs, the school will contact everyone to let you know that school is closing early and that all children must be picked up by a specific time. We look forward to meeting you and hope your child has a good experience in the Extended Day Program!

    Mr. Kirbow

    For more information, please contact Jeffrey Kirbow at jkirbow@leedsk12.org.